The Latest Chapter

The First Storm

Photo Credits:  Jeremiah Barber Photography "...I wondered if that was it ... the beginning of the end of the world and we were doomed to watch it all through the back window of a Dodge Ram van." I didn't really understand what it meant to be red flagged or why it had happened, but I could plainly see that something had changed.   One minute there was a slurry of activity, people climbing around on what would eventually become the space for my bedroom, men hollering directions to one another over the squeal of circular saws and the thumping of hammers, visual progress taking place at a rapid pace toward a normal life with a television and privacy … and then it just stopped.   A cold blanket of silence fell over everything on that hot, surprisingly humid day and suddenly my parents and our friends decided that we would all go to St. George for something to eat.   As we sat at a table reminiscing with old friends and marveling over one of the boys' Elvis impres